What is happening in Venezuela and in Ukrain recently?

Hi there, i know that i have been posting so much political and social posts in the last six month. but i just can not pretend that everything is fine; because it is not. i can not play the three monkeys. people are resisting for their basic human rights and freedom all around the world, and no media is releasing any of them! but you have to know: there is police brutality, 3 monkeys media, internet censorship.. name of the resistance changes, the language changes, but what’s happening is all the same..
that is the exact process we have been through during gezi protest in Turkey in the summer of 2013, and we are still fighting against all these limitations and injustices. Same brutality happening now in Ukraine and Venezuela as well.. as i said; only the language differs, the country differs and the rest is all the same.. that’s why we – the people of Turkey- really understand you Venezuela and Ukrain, we know the way you feel! we are with you! at least, i am! and i am sure that all those other people who stood along with me during gezi protest are too! Don’t be afraid! Together we are so beautiful #prayforvenezuela #sosvenezuela #venezuela #venezuelalibre #direnukrayna #resistukraine #occupykiev

Guys, please take a moment to watch those videos, and spread it if you can. it is really important to expand those people’s voices to as many people as we can.


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