Gezi Park Protests – Istanbul, 2013

Dear WordPress friends,

This post will be a little different from what i have been posting since i started the blog, but i feel that i should share this event with you all. This post is written to ask you to take a moment to learn what’s been going on in Turkey recentyly; so i would kindly like to ask you to read this post till the end. As Turkish Citizens, we need your help to make ourselves heard in the international media.

Something brave and significant is happening in Istanbul, Turkey.
A late blooming Occupy wave one might call it.

Citizens tired of a bullying government with its corrupt management of public spaces and reckless abuse of land are coming together to protect a public park in the heart of the Istanbul which is under the threat of being demolished so the 94th shopping mall can be built in its place. People are holding in spite of the brutal attacks by the police (today’s attack was at 5am in the morning one shall point out! including tear gas bombs, burning the tents, hospitalizing a person…). It is the 3rd day now, more than 10,000 people have gathered in the park!
Meanwhile, public spaces are being sold to hotels, precious ecosystems are being wasted for more industry, power plants, 3rd bridge over Bosphorus!

This has become a matter about more than just saving trees. This is an ‘I can do whatever I damn well want’, fascist mentality that not only suppresses but attacks its own people.

To make matters worse, media channels are being censored so as not to display the news.

#direngeziparki is now the 2nd worldwide trending topic on Twitter.

Please help us to share this message and stop Erdogan’s ruthless, inhumane acts.

What you can do:
– Forward this message to everyone you know
– Send your support messages through twitter with the #direngeziparki hashtag
– Tag @bbc @cnn @reuters and other large media channels in these posts
– Post this message on facebook
– Let your local and national media channels know

This is the full page ad about Gezi Parkı protests that is published on New York Times.


Please help us to spread what’s happening in Turkey globally.
We need all the support we can get now.

Below are some pictures from the last couple of days, to clarify what is going on here. Please please please have a look at them! and see the terror that police forces are using against the people!

It all started with a tree, now it became an independence war!
We need your support!

Many thanks,



















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