302 bit pazarı magazine

Our new project is to design a magazine for Bit Pazarı: it will be an additional mag which will be published in each season.
I thought about some names for it like “eskici”, “mandal”, “çengel”, or “dükkan.. i don’t know precisely what should it be yet. but these are some possibilities i have in mind.
The mag will include both highlighted features which happens only once, on a particular issue, and also other departments that happen in every season.


interviews: in which there will be two interviews. one is going to be with th cover girl or a music band and the other will be with a designer.
article – “an economic outfit”: this will be an article that consists of designers tips for more economic outfits. How to turn your old stuff into a brand new outfit, how to paint, cut and paste, or justapose your old clothes and easily show up with new ones without laying out money.


lifestyle: (kara borsa) this department will include places to go, and book/film/album reviews. also there will be the events of the season which wll guide the reader to see what happens in which location (like nightlife, food, art, galleries, concerts.. )
travel: (kaşif) there will be a specific place in each season. and the mag will show the palce to go, see, eat and so on. also it will briefly mention the second hand, and one piece design shops in that place.
fashion: in that particular era there will be new trends, fashion of the year, shopping tips, maybe some quizzes and so on..
astrology: there can also be astrology aprt which i’m not sure for now. but if it will be, thre is going to be small info about each sign and maybe a small part for the reader’s letters.
decoraton: it will include interior architecture and wil show the palces where people can buy godd second hand stuff and man made docation lements..
customer products: (akşam pazarı) the most popular, the most sold products of this season which come form the customers will show up int he mag as well.

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