the polaroid example

i found a picture before i did this version of layout. the picture is the one above. a combination of polaroids creates the big photo. i kind of liked it so that i though it can bu used in the catalouge.

2 thoughts on “the polaroid example

  1. Hi Jeff! This is a great photo. I’m in the process of creating an anthology, a collection of novells. We’re looking for usable photos to use to create a cover for our book. We would love to use this photo if its possible to get hold of a higher resolution verion?

    We would give you full credit for the photo, and part-credit for the cover, that is if that particular design wins.

    I will send you verions of the designed cover so you can approve or dissaprove if you wish. We don’t really have any money as it’s a volontary project, but has gained ssome recognition in the media, due to the first book we produced.

    Obviously we would love to send you a few copies of the book, if or if not the design based on this photo winns.

    The phot? The one with the hands holding the puzzle of polaroids.

    Best regards from Ralph. Sweden

    • hi,
      i’d love to give that photo i it was mine but the photography does not belong to me. it is a visual i’ve found on the web about a year ago. i just shared it here, as i liked the image a lot 🙂

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