typo, week2

here are some works from my typography class in which we tried to represent some definitions by using 3 words and maybe one extra geomtric figure.

this first image is dynamic, in which i prefferd to use “Y” and “V” with a simple font type and “A” with a seriffed font. i did it to make an irony; because the seriffed fonts known as ordinary and classical fonts, wheras i used them here extraordinary, to represent dynamism.

the following one is the static one, which i tried to show it up by using “T”s. i fixed them to the middle of the page, one under the other, to create a continuity.

this one is etroverted, which i made it diagonal, and changed the directions to reflect it.

and here is the last; schizoid. i used an “a” and inside of it i put the two other letters; and i placed them to the bottom right hand corner to show schizoidism.

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